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How i approach poker coaching

There's a lot of instructional material available online that will allegedly make you a better poker player. Countless strategy articles and countless training sites are always claiming they offer the best possible information. Honestly, a lot of them do have a lot of good material. They give you a basic system or 'how to guide' on how to play poker, which can be good for some, however there's one major problem: you're limited to only the content they supply. How do the sites know what areas of your game need work? Beyond that, because a lot of the information is quick made easy to understand what they rarely do is to help you understand the WHY behind the plays that you're supposed to make. Poker is an incredibly complex game; there are millions upon millions of possible variations and situations, if you don't understand the fundamental reasoning and math relating to why you want to bet, check, or fold then you will eventually hit a wall.

My approach to coaching involves stripping your game down to the basics, making sure you understand the backbone of theoretically sound poker. From there, I build your game up so you become a highly complex and competitive poker player. We'll cover ever piece of play from preflop basics to complex post flop range analysis. Through this process I take the time needed to make sure you follow every step of the way and have full understanding of the logic behind each and every play. Since each and every student is different I make sure to tailor my curriculum for each student depending on their skill level and specific needs and wants.

What does poker coaching entail

Since I do coaching with players from all over the world most lessons are done via Skype. We will be able to talk to one another, and you will be able to see my screen. For students who play online poker we begin by reviewing one of their hand histories of their play. We work through this hh together, as I analyze different situations. I help to find and plug leaks, while simultaneously working to break down your game to discover any flaws in thinking, logic, or hidden leaks in your fundamentals that you may have not known were even there. Once a student has started to implement some of the concepts we talked about, they will usually will bring a second hand history.  We work on improving these new concepts, as well as fixing any new issues or concerns that arise (as anytime you change your game you’re often thrown into new situations that can create new and unique problems).

If you don't play poker online, don't sweat it, I have coached many players that solely play live poker. Although we don't have a hand history to look at, I have several methods to fully analayze and break down every aspect of your game to get a baseline of your play as we begin finding and plugging leaks.

There are several other avenues that I take with different students, depending on their level of play and exactly the points I’m trying to teach, for example sometimes it’s beneficial for a student to look at a hand history that I have played so I can give examples of plays I'd like them to make. I also use many software tools during lessons. These can vary widely depending on the student, and may include programs such as equity calculators, shove/fold charts, flop texture analyzers, or  gto solvers. Don't worry if you don't have an understanding of these programs (or even know what they are), not every person benefits from every type of software and I will help you to know and understand how these programs can help you improve at poker.


Lessons cost $250 per hour, but I do offer multiple discounts. I give $50 off of the first lesson, as well a discount if you book lessons in bulk. If you’re ready to book a lesson, simply fill out the contact form below. Once I receive your message I will send you an invoice to pay for the lesson, as well as confirm the day and time you have requested. If you're interested in cash game coaching, please message me for details. If you're ready to book a lesson, follow instructions on the CONTACT page